Sven neitzel

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At the school of art berlin weißensee he studied visual communication. During his studies he used to work within the design collective nepomuk (2006-10) . This platform gave him the chance to develop his skills in graphic design and illustration. After graduation in summer 2010 he worked on his own on different projects and exhibitions before he decided to go to amsterdam and work for thonik.


Christopher Monro DeLorenzo

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A selection of some of the designs he has made as head designer at Johnny Cupcakes.

Chris is one of the few talented designers to display an excellent balance between solving a client’s needs and adhering to the design and the designer’s integrity. His work brings together both a deeply-rooted knowledge of his craft and a voracious curiosity – a levity and playfulness that help him to elevate the everyday into something iconic. Chris’ expansive visual language and inventive solutions are both accredited to his enthusiasm for reading and taking the time to learn about something else other than design.

Daniel littlewood

Capture d’écran 2013-05-31 à 09.55.07He is a graphic designer based in new york city. He work in both print and web. He’s addicted to design and its many facets. Currently a freelancer, He spend his free time collaborating with other designers, online curating / blogging, and reading sci-fi. He work hard to reinvent his way of approaching design and seeing what makes something great. He love design. To be more precise, he love creative thought process that leads to great design.